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Career services offices help navigate the changing landscape of summer internships.

Joanna Nesbit (April 30, 2020). Coronavirus is upending internships for college students. Here’s what to do if yours was cancelled.

Internships have become a very important component to launching a successful career, and summer is a prime time for students to land an internship that will move them toward their career goals. The coronavirus has eliminated, or significantly altered, this experience for many students. Career services offices like the ones at Vassar and Hamilton College are offering support, advice and additional resources to help students navigate this challenging new landscape.

Leading tech companies partner with liberal arts colleges and hire their graduates.

Andrew Gabor (October 4, 2019). How to success in business? Major in liberal arts. Bloomberg.

Although recent grads with degrees in science and technology often start out with higher wages right out of school, that advantage diminishes over time. Specific technical skills may become obsolete, but being able to communicate effectively and think critically – hallmarks of a liberal arts education – is something employers always value.