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A liberal arts education provides its graduates with the academic and leadership skills to make them valuable employees in the workplace, particularly long-term as managers and leaders.  The core skills of the liberal arts education such as critical thinking, problem solving, writing, oral communication, and cross-disciplinary analysis make liberal arts graduates adaptable and creative in the ever-changing workplace. The below articles featuring colleagues from our member schools address the value of the liberal arts in the workplace.

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When internships don’t pay, some colleges will.

Anemona Hartocollis (November 2, 2017).  New York Times.

Mindy Dearduff, Dean of Career Development at Macalester College, Emily Griffen, Director of Amherst College’s Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning and Mike Sciola, Michael Sciola, Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Career Initiatives all discuss how their campuses are using philanthropy and their own funds to subsidize internships at organizations that have a mission of social change or innovation.

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From liberal arts to making a living.

Michael Anft (October 22, 2017 ). Chronicle of Higher Education.

Mark Peltz, Dean of the Center for Careers, Life and Service at Grinnell College and Kimberly Betz, Director of the Career Center at Carleton Collegen share ways they are reaching out to students early and often, offering a variety of experiences to help aid them in making informed academic and career choices.

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How to do a better job of preparing students for life after college.

Mark Peltz (September 10, 2017).  Chronicle of Higher Education.

Mark Peltz, Dean of the Center for Careers, Life and Service at Grinnell College shares how colleges and universities might better engage their students in planning for their future, post-academy life.

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How to get a job of the future with a liberal arts degree?

Rich Bellis (September 30, 2015). Fast Company.

Mary Raymond, Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Career Development Center at Pomona College weighs in on the value of a liberal arts education.  Click here to read more.