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Employers want liberal arts grads

Employers want liberal arts grads.

Emma Whitford (November 13, 2018)  Inside Higher Ed.  

Utlizing data from a new report by Emsi, a labor market analytics firm, and the Strada Institute for the Future of Work, may help colleges translate what students are learning in a liberal arts curriculum into what employers need and want in an ever-changing economy.

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Bringing back the humanities

As humanities majors decline, colleges try to hype up their programs.

Jeffrey Selingo (November 1, 2018). The Atlantic.

At colleges like Macalester and Grinnell, administrators are looking for ways to re-ignite student interest in the humanities even as post-graduate career plans may be steering them toward STEM majors.


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More colleges are playing the long game.

More colleges are playing the long game.

Kerry Hannon (November 2, 2018). New York Times.

In Colgate University’s Benton Hall, the lovely new home for the Center for Career Services, as well as at many other colleges and universities across the country, students are getting access to more highly prioritized career resources and services.

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